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Where there's a smoker there's fire.

Sophisticated fire detection systems for many years have been designed to trigger an alarm when the detection system detects the presence of UV (Ultraviolet) light. Unique devices called UV Flame Detectors continually "look" at their environment and are "blind" to most sources of infrared and visible light, the trick is to only detect and sense UV light which is the signature of fire.

Fire has heat and visible light but so do many other things such as heaters, human bodies and of course light bulbs. These sources of heat and light do not generate UV and therefore are not fire.

It's easy to CatchaSmoker
When one strikes a match, flicks a cigarette lighter then the developing flame generates a unique ultraviolet light signature. Our systems detect the ultraviolet light from the initiating flame. Once we've detected the onset of fire then all we have to do is let you know it happened.

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The optimal system includes a receiver to receive from many modules/sensors in conjunction with a paging transmitter. The receiver can receive from up to 16 different receiver codes. (More than sixteen are planned shortly). Remember multiple sensors in the same bathroom or washroom can have the same code! The receiver then transfers the alarm signal to the paging transmitter and send the code for that washroom to one or more pagers. A minimum of two pagers are recommended, one each for a male and female staff member. Multiple pagers can be used in large schools.

We have several detector options ... Click here


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